What Every Consumer Must Know before Buying Virgin Indian Remy Hair

upset-customerIf you are reading this section before you spend a lot of money ordering from an Internet store, you'll be happy that you read this first. Based on the feedback we've been receiving we have put together the following guidelines that will help you make an informed purchase.

1. Website: First, make sure that the hair vendor's website looks professional! If a website looks tacky and unprofessional, perhaps the company is. Most likely if a website looks tacky, it's a smalltime or side home based business without long term commitments or goals. Here, trust your gut feel. Don’t fall for these web sites even if they are giving you discounts or specials! After all “discounted” bad hair is still bad hair!

2. Customer Service Number: Check if there is a customer service telephone number and if someone live actually picks up the line. If you cannot talk to someone live, it's likely that you will not be able to contact anyone if you have a problem. Also, when you speak with someone live, you have another chance to get a feel for the professionalism of the company.

3. Reviews: Do a thorough Google search on the company name to find out if there are negative reviews or complaints about the company on the Internet. Every company puts up the best reviews on their website. Remember, no one will put up reviews of unhappy customers on their own website so do your own homework. Just one or two bad review may not necessarily mean that the company is bad. There are always some difficult customers. But if you see several bad reviews, you should definitely avoid the company.

tangled-hair-weave4. “Factory Direct” / Direct Wholesale Price / Huge Discount: An experienced hair user knows that genuine quality Virgin Indian Remy Hair is high in demand and short in supply. That's why it is expensive. This is one industry, where you certainly get what you pay for. Be aware of the US vendors claiming “Factory Direct”, “Direct Wholesale Price” or giving huge discounts! If the vendor is based in the US, ask yourself "How can they be “factory direct” from India?" Put simply... It is a flat out lie!

Don’t fall for these vendors. You don’t know what you will get.

5. The Risk of Real Factory Direct: If you really want to buy hair from “factory direct” vendors at a cheaper price, you have to find vendors directly in India. But it is risky to buy from a foreign country directly. Wiring money to a foreign country in advance leaves you no legal protection if they don’t send you anything at all. It is not a very advisable option.

6. First Time Virgin Remy Hair Users – Read this: The first time buyers of Indian virgin remy hair should know the following.

    Color: Virgin remy hair is absolutely natural hair and unprocessed. Natural hair color of Indian women varies from natural black to dark brown. Hence, when you buy virgin Indian remy hair, you may not get the exact color you want. The color may even be slightly different between the bundles you purchase. However, during installation, the bundles can be blended nicely to give a very natural look, just like the natural hair of Indian women. Typically, hair lovers who desires a real natural look prefers this type of hair. However, if you want a specific color, then you can ask your stylist to color the virgin hair to the color you like. Since, this hair is unprocessed and has all its cuticles intact, it takes coloring very well. This is another reason, many women prefer virgin Indian remy hair for custom matching hair color to your style.

    Tangling and Matting: Genuine virgin Indian remy hair should not matt, gather, or poof up. However, all hair tangles to some extent, just like your own natural hair and curlier or wavier the hair is higher maintenance. So, if you choose virgin curly hair, it will require more maintenance to keep it looking it's best. If you have always used silicone coated beauty supply store hair and never used virgin Indian hair before, you must know that maintaining virgin Indian remy hair takes more effort and care. You should not use hair products heavily with your virgin remy hair and avoid build up of products on your hair. You must wash and condition your virgin remy hair often to keep it fresh and bouncy. Unlike beauty supply store hair, the more frequently you wash and condition your indian remy hair the better it behaves. So, for first time users, it may appear to be taking more effort, but it may be worthwhile because virgin Indian hair looks so natural and lasts for such a long time. It is a good investment, if you love beautiful long-lasting natural looking gorgeous hair.