All about Hair Care with Extensions & Weaves

Practical Hare Care Tips

While various forms of hair extensions gives women the ability to change hairstyles quickly and experiment with different looks, it also takes a lot of care to deal with and maintain high quality hair extensions made of real human hair. Also, improper installation or hare care may result in loss of your own hair. Here are some important tips.

hair-care1. Choose a reputable hair supplier: Trust your gut! Do not go for questionable hair suppliers even if they are giving you “deep” discounts. Some hair suppliers claim to sell 100% human hair, but the fact is they also mix animal hair and synthetic fiber with real human hair to make more profit. Many women have allergic reactions to animal hair or certain synthetic fiber. If you start losing your hair or start having skin rashes or allergy, discounts are not going to help! Hair is directly tied to your health and hygiene.

2. Choose an Experienced Stylist: Get a referral to a stylist who is a licensed cosmetologist (and the license is still valid) with plenty of experience. A good stylist will advise you as to what type of hair you should buy and will know how to properly install a weave / hair extensions.  If braids are too tight, your natural hair may start breaking off at the root resulting in traction alopecia (hair loss due to excessive pulling). If you are installing a lace wig an experienced stylist will know what type of glue is safe to use for your skin type. An experienced stylist will also teach you many lessons in ways to caring for your own hair and extension hair. Also, your stylist should advise you on how long to keep your extensions / weave in for.  Never ever try to stretch the length of time on your install or you may experience excess tangling, matting, and/or hair loss when you take down your extensions!

3. Choose High Quality Hair Products: While using hair products gives you many styling options, using the wrong type or excessive hair products may also damage your own hair and your hair extensions. Product build up on hair is not good. Just as your own hair needs to be washed and dried frequently, hair extension pieces also need to be treated like your own hair requiring frequent washing, deep conditioning, and detangling. One general rule is avoid using products that have high levels of alcohol or mineral oil, as these chemicals tend to dry hair and damage hair cuticles.

4. Drying, Heating and Brushing: You should always brush with gentle strokes. Start brushing from the ends of the hair and gradually move upwards towards your scalp. Do not towel dry your hair too vigorously. Instead, towel dry your hair gently and leave the rest for air drying. When you need to blow dry or flat iron your hair for styling, you should use a heat protection spray. This will help in minimizing heat damage to your hair. You also should never ever sleep with your hair wet. Hair extensions/weaves need to be dried completely otherwise your scalp will start to smell bad.

5. Condition, Condition, Condition! To keep your hair looking  healthy, bouncy and shiny, use a high quality moisturizing deep conditioner and condition your hair as often as you can. This is the single most important hair care step to have beautiful hair! Be careful of leave-in conditioners or sprays. Many of these products contain alcohol to facilitate quick drying. But alcohol dries up hair and it will make your hair rougher in the long run. So, avoid using these products. It is always best to use a good conditioner and thoroughly rinse off your hair so that there are no residues and towel dry your hair gently.