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lace-wigLace Wigs are wigs that have fine lace mesh attached to the front or made entirely of Lace. Lace wig makers knot in hair strand-by-strand on the lace mesh giving the wig a look of the natural scalp and hairline.  A lace wig is installed by attaching the lace perimeter to your head (by double-sided tape or liquid adhesive), giving the illusion of a seamless hairline. On a Lace Front Wig (or Lace Front), only the front of the wig is made of lace to simulate the look of natural hair line around the face.  Sometimes and entire wig is made on a lace base giving a natural looking hairline around the entire head, and those wigs are called Full Lace Wigs.  

On a non-lace wig, you usually have to wear bangs or cover the hairline, but with a lace wig, you don’t have to do that and it looks like your own hairline. Since the lace used is made of a superfine see-through lace material, the hair appears as if it’s growing from your own scalp, providing an absolutely natural look. This is a key advantage of lace front wigs compared to traditional wigs. Lace front wigs first became popular with celebrities in movies and TV.  Celebrities like Beyonce and Tyra Banks are the most famous of lace wig wearers, however lace wigs are becoming increasingly popular with regular consumers as well.


Lace Wig Installation

Installing lace wigs requires specialized glue or tape and make-up skills. That's why it's always been a professional thing -- stage, theatrics and movies -- because you have to apply makeup to cover it. Also, the lace is very delicate, it's not something that a person can just put on and take off quickly. You have to take it off using care not to rip or tear the lace, and you have to clean it a certain way to maintain such an expensive hair piece.

A good lace front wig made of real virgin Indian hair or even virgin European (Russian) hair may cost anywhere between $1000 to $3000. A high-end lace front wig may even cost upward of $15,000.  However, we know that there are many lace wigs being sold on the internet for less that $300 with quality ranging widely. When it comes to a lace wig shop wisely and reseach the company name online to see their reputation. Proceed with caution if to see many bad reviews or compliants.

Lace wigs are a wonderful option for many women and yet for all it's realness and hefty price tag, lace fronts are not perfect. Outside of the considerable expense, they can be visible to the naked eye.  A lace wig can even be detected if you raise your forehead to make an expression (the demarcation of where the lace ends and the natural muscles of your forehead begin).  On TV it's not as noticeable, on photos it can be touched up, on stage you're far away, all of that works. But if you are having a face to face conversation it may be visible.